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Our family is on a journey and we are so excited to be following God's call to France. Check here for where we are in the process and what we are doing at the moment!

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July 29, 2021

Heading to Prefield Training

July was filled with change for us.  Jesse finished working at July 1st and we packed up our rental into a tiny trailer.  From our Orlando rental, we began house sitting for friends in the same neighborhood through the end of July. 

So where will we be over the next few weeks and months? This will be a constant question for us as we lean in and trust God.  In the short term, we say goodbye to Orlando August 1 and head over to the East Coast of Florida to say goodbye to Naomi’s family there for a few days.  From there we head North and get settled into our cross cultural training program in Union Mills, NC.  This is a 6 week language and cultural training program for both us and the girls.  We will live at the training center. 


Following our training, we will be continuing north to Richmond, Northern VA and elsewhere to say goodbyes.  We slip in our visa appointment somewhere after our training course.  Once we have been approved for our visas, we have 60 days to board the plane to France! 


We are finishing up the final 20% of our fundraising as well.  We feel like God has put a lot on us and in front of us.  We feel at peace with where we are working towards and know God is not keeping the good things from us.  

April 2021

We are just a few short months away from leaving Florida (already!?). It’s hard to believe we came here in December for Jesse to help start a new Five Point Florida office & we are already transitioning to missions. God is on the move & we are excited to be in His plan.  


Jesse is transitioning away from his job in July so that we can fully focus on leaving for the mission field. In August, we will spend 6 weeks at the Center for Intercultural Training in preparation for living overseas. We are looking forward to this time of preparation for fieldwork.


So what is left for us before we leave? Besides CIT and visas, the big hurdle is finishing up our funding. We can’t leave until we are 100% funded, so we are focused on building partnerships. We would love to be in France by the holidays so that we can start language school at Les Cédres.  We’re praying about this process, but we know God will reveal His plan in His perfect timing. 

December 20, 2020

Jesse's job transferred him to Florida to kick start a new office location in the Orlando area.  We sold our Richmond, VA home and made our way to Florida December 20, 2020.  We have settled in the Orlando area for the next 7 months.  We are looking forward to the ministry opportunities that we will encounter here and how this time will further prepare us for the bigger move abroad.

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