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Adaptive Family Camp...Coming Soon!

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

It is really exciting to share that we are moving forward with plans for the camp’s first adaptive family camp. After a really encouraging Summer and experiencing the talent on the camp team, we feel confident moving forward with an adaptive family camp for a small number of families. This camp is scheduled for April 14-19th for families with children impacted with a disability from 2-12 years old. This camp is for the whole family, moms, dads, brothers, sisters! We are busy planning on our end how to pair French buddies with these French families, meals, accommodations, activities for all the kids, special treats for the parents, impactful teaching and more. We are planning to offer adapted workshops in pottery, rock climbing, ropes course and painting. We will be needing an English speaking team of approximately 10-12 volunteers to come serve in the kitchen, service team and activities. We would love to have our supporters, who know us well, come serve alongside us at this camp!

In preparation for this upcoming camp and also to serve those who come to our other camps or with another group, Camp des Cimes invested in a mobile sensory space. Because of the generosity of Hope Church, we were able to purchase the items needed to set up a moveable place to calm down. The camp identified 2 spaces that could be transformed into a sensory room when needed. We have a large pop-up tent, soft rugs, bean bag chairs, special lighting and other sensory tools to offer to kids and families that may need to retreat to a calm space. It is exciting to think about how this space will allow camp to serve in this intentional and flexible way.

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