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Camp Update

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

If you were wonder why it’s called “Camp of the Peaks” the picture should leave no questions on that! During our first break from school, mid February and we took advantage of the opportunity to spend a few days to be with the Camp des Cimes team. It was a welcome break and helped us recharge our vision of the work God has for us here in France. *Below is a picture of the girls relaxing at camp one afternoon.

Thankfully, the camp has been busy despite the lingering COVID restrictions - but still not at 100% capacity. We had a chance to connect with a sweet French family who was at the camp for the first time. They had a young daughter who stayed with us one day and we took a fun afternoon trip to walk around the ski slopes at Les Deux Alpes along with a Pastor from Grenoble. Much of the camp experience is about relationship building, so we were happy to get to know a few of the campers, both new and old friends.

Another great update from the camp is that they are going to be getting a new oven! Thank you for those who financially support us, as part of your giving went to helping provide this new tool for the camp! The new oven is double the size of the current unit and should considerably help the bottlenecks that are experienced in the kitchen. Feeding 100+ hungry teens requires a serious team to keep them nourished while they explore Gods word.

Here is a picture of the current oven… when the new one comes in stay tuned, we will be providing an update about it!

Thank you for being a part of the vision in the ministry in which we are serving.

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