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  • Naomi Brubaker

Meet the Artist

Did you get our Easter postcard and notice the beautiful watercolor painting? We are so excited to introduce you to our dear friend who did the painting.

Abby is 14 years old and finishing her 8th grade year in Richmond VA. She began exploring her artistic talent during COVID as an outlet for the unstructured time we all encountered this past year. Abby served with Naomi on the special needs team at Hope as a buddy. Abby is calm, and has a deep, loving sense about her, she is eager to serve in any way she can. She was able to quickly bond with the children at church and shows a high level of maturity and responsibility. Her biggest gifts she gives to the families is her heart and her consistency. She was eager to work with children week after week as she began to learn more about each of them. During COVID lockdowns, Abby made an effort to consistently visit a 5th grader in our ministry who was under strict quarantine measures. Abby brought joy to this young girl and her family at each visit. She made this girl’s birthday celebration special and showed a deep care for their whole family. The impact of her visits were vital to keeping this young girl’s outlook and attitude positive through the isolation she endured.

We were so excited to share the beautiful art she made with each of you as she has impacted our family with her huge heart for serving and loving kids with disabilities. Abby has made a commitment to serving with the special needs ministry and chose serving on Sundays over other extra curricular activities. When you ask Abby what the biggest impact serving as a buddy has had on her she says that it has taught her the importance of not always having to be in control, or getting things right, but the importance of being present and leading with patience and compassion.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10

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