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  • Jesse and Naomi Brubaker

Odds and Ends

-We moved, so our address is now:

89 RD 1091

38520 Le Bourg d’Oisans FRANCE

The French postal service can be unreliable, so if you are going to send us a letter or package, please give us some advanced notice. The best way to reach us quickly is by email:( /

-If you didn't know, we do a monthly short video. It's only available by a private QR code, which you can put on your fridge. Since everyone gets blasted with so many emails, we wanted to have something that you do at YOUR leisure. It's often just a glimpse into our life, and always under 2 minutes long. If you want a QR code for your fridge, I'll send you one in the mail when we are back in the states.

Here is a few of our spring and summer monthly update videos:

-Fun facts about camp des Cimes: Often the camp goes through about 30-40 baguettes per day and our local bakery "Salazard" was on a "Best bakery in France" show and scored very high. Our little bakery has always had delicious bread, and now we can say they are famous.

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