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Summer @ Camp

Summer camp season is now in full swing, kicking off at the end of May with 100 US college interns followed by the GEM men’s retreat.  The college interns are a part of a GEM program called Ten2, from Luke 10:2.  Camp des Cimes is their kick-off point before they are dispersed throughout Europe to different teams.  They have their own programming during the days at camp to prepare them for the different things they will face being short term missionaries, but they also bless the camp by doing projects around camp. Jesse worked with a group for 10 interns doing tree clearing and brush cutting around the camp property.  It was a great to learn about them while we worked. Camp looked impeccable before they left for their summer assignments, thanks to their hard work!

Camp then hosted the annual GEM men’s retreat. Jesse cooked for this week assisted by one of camp’s Ten2 interns. It was a great time of rest and spiritual reflection for those who attended. Many of the men brought hobbies to do during their free time including men who are into wood carving.  Jesse was gifted a beautiful hand carved spoon from olive wood from a missionary who lives in Athens, the wood was from a tree in his neighborhood. Although Jesse was busy working the kitchen, it felt great for him to be included by these men, who are both colleagues and friends while serving great food. 

Now summer camp sessions are in full swing. Please be praying for the camp staff that will be working from now until the end of august without a day off. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will be present to move in the hearts of all that attend camp!  

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