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  • Jesse and Naomi Brubaker

We're Coming to America!

Cue Neil Diamond's American...we're making our first trip back (as a family) to the US since we left in 2021, which will be two years. That is hard to believe! The main purpose of the trip is to connect with family, friends and supporters. Naomi and I both have one grandma still with us, so we are excited to spend precious time with them. Additionally, we have nieces and nephews who only know us via video calls, so we are looking forward to giving them some big hugs. We sadly missed weddings and birthdays and funerals, but will get to attend Jesse’s cousin’s wedding while we are back.

Although we love France and its people, there is no place like home. So, we are eager to help the girls understand our roots better and feel the familiar comforts of home. Although the girls are VERY excited, Naomi and I are unsure about the level of reverse culture shock for them. Please be praying for them during this interim period. They are truly 3rd culture kids. If you're unsure what that means, please click this link to a TED talk about it! It is an amazing way our kids are becoming more global citizens, who are focused on God's kingdom in an international context.

As you are reading this, we are diligently working on our return trip plans. Currently, we have our city locations planned out. We are working on a more detailed schedule, and could use your help. If you are interested in helping us plan while we are in your area, please email me. Let's be creative together!

October 5-8 Central PA

(Oct 8th Whitmers United Methodist Church)

October 9-12 Washington DC/ NOVA area

October 13-16th Richmond VA

(October 15th Hope Church)

October 17-20th Orlando/Melbourne FL

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