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  • Jesse and Naomi Brubaker

Giving thanks and end of year giving campaign

As we approach Thanksgiving, we reflect on all we are thankful for. We asked each other what they are thankful for and here are our unedited responses:

Jesse- "we are in a place that now feels more like home and that I feel equipped for the ministry at the camp"

Naomi- "We have had several months of no sickness or lice and the kids can play freely outside"

Evelyn- "My mom, dad, Ida and Ginny."

Ida- "Nothing, don’t ask…"

Virginia- "My new toys from my 6th birthday"

We are thankful for you, your support and your prayers. We ask as you consider your end of year giving that you would consider supporting our ministry. Your generosity allows us to continue to support the camp efforts and offer a place for people to experience transformation in Christ.


Thank you for helping us continue to serve at camp in 2024. We are excited for what the New Year will offer.

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