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  • Jesse and Naomi Brubaker

Winter Camp 2024

February is the time for Winter vacations in France and it is also the time to host Winter camps at Camp des Cimes!  We were very excited for our participation in this annual camp and happy for some of our friends from Albertville to join us at camp.  The bible topic for the first camp was the life of Mark, and was taught by a former GEM missionary who now lives in Canada.  The second week was about “being blessed so we can be a blessing to others” led by a French pastor.  There were powerful testimonies about people’s journeys in faith and about how Camp des Cimes played a role in their spiritual development.  

For this year’s Winter camps, Jesse was lead cook.  He pampered the campers and staff with a diverse menu.  Everything was made from scratch and delicious.  All of the meals were possible with the help of his hardworking kitchen volunteer Susan (who came from Canada) for the first camp and Debbie, our new team mate for the second camp.  They were instrumental in making every meal happen and Jesse is thankful for their servant hearts and their great attitudes. 

Naomi’s role in the Winter camps was with the kids.  The first week Naomi taught the children ages 6-10 years old in French on Ephesians 6:13.  They played games to connect the armor of God to the lesson, memorize bible verses and created their own shields and swords.  The evenings were filled with laughter, creativity, games, reading and praying together.  Each night, they finished their time together by writing prayers on slips of paper to form a long chain.  It was wonderful to see the chain grow each evening and watch the children really participate in this activity.  The second camp, Naomi helped with the babies and a teen with autism. Although it was much less planning to be with the young kids, it was still an important way to contribute to camp. Every time things got hairy, she channeled her inner Meg Bowell❤️ Through the gift of the kids' ministry, not only were parents able to learn from the bible teachings, but the children too, learned about God’s love and protection for them.  Check out the Psalms 139 craft we made with the baby group (pictured below), the paper flap opens to show the child's picture!

During winter camps, our girls participated too!  They reconnected with old friends and made new friends.  They participated in their groups to learn and study the bible. They enjoyed sledding with friends, eating meals without Mom and Dad next to them and especially the evening games.  The girls really have taken to this being a family experience.  On cleaning days, the girls were so helpful in sweeping the dining hall, folding sheets and remaking beds.  

The ups and the downs of life as a foreigner are still present, but the camp is offering us a place to grow and learn.  We are especially grateful for the faces who have become familiar and the team who is circling around the girls.  It feels good to be a part of the team and to serve how we are gifted. 

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